Heal. Transform. Ascend

  • International Breathwork Facilitator  (Ascending Breath® Creator)

  • Quantum ThetaHealer®

  • Global Meditations Guider

  • Ascending Mentor and Initiator


Hello! I am Rommy

As a former economist and marketer executive of the corporate world, I must confess that I transformed my life. From feeling empty, confused, uncertain, sick, and burned out, to manifest a beautiful reality suffused with harmony, abundance, success, and wellbeing.


Today, I love sharing the tools I have learned to help others to experience healing, wellness, and awakening in a natural holistic way, and to reconnect with Nature.

Want to know more about Rommy?

Read her full story in the book "The new wave", written by A. E. Lamber, co-written by Rommy Gelly.


Private Sessions with Rommy

Breathwork Ceremony with ThetaHealing®

A life-changing experience! Tap into your Highest states, heal, align.

Get out of your mind and acquire immediate peace, relaxation, and clarity. Heal your body, mind, and emotions. Tap into your highest states of consciousness, experience shamanic journeys, emotional catharsis, and relief. Allow your body infinite intelligence to guide you. While listening to medicine music carefully curated just for you.


Quantum ThetaHealing®

Reprogram your faulty beliefs, receive guidance from your Higher Self.

Advance easily by finding out your core faulty beliefs that are keeping you stuck in your life. Allow us to reprogram them positively in your Theta brain waves and experience an instantaneous change in yourself and watch how your life unfolds differently. 


Love Meditation

Release anxiety while experiencing calmness with a beautiful journey to Higher Realms.

Meditation is a powerful tool to reach heightened levels of spiritual awareness. It can also be used to manifest your dreams, heal, reconnect with your Inner Self and expand. With a tailor-made meditations you will be able to focus, clear your mind and reach your goals.


What people say

"I was amazed by how powerful the breathwork practice was. I was able to tap into the circular breathing method quickly and connected deeply such that it felt as though time no longer mattered. Rommy was an experienced facilitator able to explain the power of breath and ensure I felt safe and supported throughout a powerful release process. After, I felt lighter and more blissful and most definitely will continue this practice as part of my spiritual toolkit."

– Selina S., USA-Bali